A new online learning platform that offers training in Psychodrama. Action Methods Institute employs recorded video classes as well as schedule live web meeting trainings to engage those interested in learning psychodrama as a clinical tool to work with in-patient and out-patient clients and with a diverse clinical population.


There will be a self paced online class  where the student will be able to acquire theoretical information and also observe  demonstrations of techniques in action.

This online class will consist in recorded videos and articles available through an online platform. The student will be expected to go over the material for each lesson every month before the first scheduled class of every month. There will be two zoom meetings throughout every month, a total of 8 meetings throughout a 4 month period.

Meeting 1 (3 hour long)-“The Lyceum” will offer a space to process and go over the material of each lesson for half of the class, and the other half of the class will be dedicated to demonstrations and practice.

Meeting 2 (3 hour long) – “The playground” where we will follow the psychodrama structure of warm-up, action and sharing. Students will have the opportunity to Direct, take auxiliary roles, practice warmups and practice action structures. At the end of the session after sharing, we will dedicate time to process the session.


  • Review of Techniques and its clinical applications:  Aside, Soliloquy, Mirror, Double and Role Reversal.
  • Focusing on the  Director: roles, functions and relationship to self, the group, the protagonist and the auxiliaries.
  • The Cannon of Creativity: applied to clinical practice
  • The God Head– The Self– The Holy Spirit


Registration by August 30th. Students are required to commit to the 4-month program.

Please write letting us know your interest to:

$250 for the four months.


1)For credit card payment or bank transfer, please email for instructions.

2)To pay with check or money order, send check to :

3Elements Counseling, LLC

10410 N. Kensington Pkwy. Suite 110

Kensington, MD 20895