Therapy Services

Individual Therapy: The session will run for 45 to 60 minutes. This will be a space of collaboration between the client and the therapist with the intention of facilitating change and ultimately to improve quality of life. Therapy can help the individual to identify obsolete and rigid patterns that in the present moment are not helping the individual to achieve emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Therapy is a journey into your very own self and it is through your understanding, acceptance, and development of compassion towards yourself how change occurs.

Family Therapy: Sessions will run for 60 to 75 minutes. This will be a space of collaboration between the therapist and family members involved: parents and children, parents or care givers, children, or couples. The purpose of this type of therapy is to facilitate change in the entire system, find and reinforce the strengths, wisdom, and support in the system so ultimately every individual find its place and the acceptance and compassion of the rest of the members of the family and/or partnership.

Group Therapy: Sessions will run for 90 minutes. Like Individual Therapy, Group Therapy has the purpose to facilitate change and help the individual to improve their quality of life. However, in this setting the person will meet with a group of individuals and with one or two therapists. Group therapy gives the individual the great opportunity to address relational patterns, receive the support not only of the therapist but of the other group members, and have the opportunity to relate to others and feel “less alone”.

Telehealth: This is a great opportunity to receive support for those that don’t live in the DMV area or live in other countries. The sessions can be via zoom, long distance call by phone or email. These type of sessions may not covered by insurance, so the client will be fully responsible for the full fee of these sessions.

Jacob L.Moreno, founder of psychodrama wisely said: “a truly therapeutic procedure can not have less an objective than the whole of mankind”.