Íñigo Sanchez Cabezudo, SHRM-SCP – Coach

Spaniard and American consultant and entrepreneur, dedicated to talent development, specializing in
transformational leadership, storytelling, and change management. He is change management (certified Change Quest® model) and team management certified (Peak Team Performance® model) by the
neuroscience expert Dr. Britt Andreatta. He is passionate about entrepreneurship with purpose.
He defines himself as a multipotentialite. He is currently exploring his IKIGAI, his life motto is the African life philosophy UBUNTU and he considers himself an eternal learner.

He was the former director of global markets, for the Americas, Caribbean, and Spain at SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), the largest professional society in the world dedicated to HR professionals for three years. Prior to SHRM, he was senior regional manager at ATD (Association for Talent Development, formerly ASTD), where he managed international relations with Europe
and Latin America for six years.

Prior to his role in ATD, Íñigo worked as director of sales and marketing at Fonexion USA, a European bluetooth and wireless accessories distributor, managing U.S. and Latin American operations. Before that, he was deputy director for AGRAGEX (the Spanish Farm Equipment and Irrigation Exporters Association) for 10 years in Bilbao, Spain. He extensively promoted farm equipment products, organizing trade shows and trade missions, and bringing entrepreneurs to more than 86 countries around the world.

He holds a BA in economics from the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) and a diploma in economics from the University of Wolverhampton (UK), and has taken several doctorate courses in development economics at the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao (Spain). He has taken several ATD training and coaching certificates. He regularly speaks at different L&D and HR conferences and workshops throughout Latin America and Europe. He holds SHRM-SCP (Senior Certified Professional) certification. connect@inigolearning.com (+1) 202 599 5090 inigolearning.com

In 2020, he became certified by CLICK-Institute’s (Washington DC) digital facilitator program and he is currently a faculty coach. In 2021, he has also finished a master’s in entrepreneurship from Instituto Pensamiento Positivo in Madrid (Spain). He recently took a certificate for Mastermind success accelerator facilitation by The Success Alliance group (USA). He is also ISO-3045 Diversity and Inclusion Professionals (DIPs) certified by the University of Georgia – Terry College of Business.

He is multilingual: bilingual in English and Spanish, fluent in French, and is currently learning Portuguese. He is a world citizen and has worked in more than 86 countries and counting.