Paula Catalan, LCPC, CP, PAT

Paula graduated with a Masters in Psychology in 1998 from the Spanish University Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. She began psychodrama studies in 1996 in Madrid and became a certified psychodramatist in 2000 by the American Board of Examiners after completing 2 years as an intern and 1 year as an extern at St. Elisabeth’s Hospital in Washington DC. Paula served as a board member between 2011 and 2014 with the American Board of Examiners where some of the tasks were to review and evaluate exams and training processes amongst other administrative responsibilities.

She is the creator and owner of 3Elements Counseling, LLC where she trains other therapists and works as a therapist seeing children and adults in individual, family and group psychotherapy. Throughout her professional life as a therapist she has accumulated experiences working with trauma, grief, re-unification, mental illness and stress among others. As have many people in the field of mental health, she has witnessed the strength and resilience of so many children, women and men.

Paula’s use of experiential methods along with the understanding of family systems and developmental psychology has given her a unique approach to work with families and organizations. She provides the members of the system with communication strategies, reflective tools, awareness of dysfunctional patterns and how these patterns affect the system and its members. Her assertiveness and direction mixed with compassion and humor provide individuals with a sense of security.

Paula has created a network of skillful and inspiring professionals that continue to support her in her ongoing tasks of healing, teaching and coaching.

Paula has the capacity to create a safe environment free of judgement where individuals can understand their own mental, emotional and behavioral patterns that are preventing them from being in the present moment. She believes that it is living in the moment where one can find joy and spontaneity.