Paula Catalan,LCPC, CP, PAT

I graduated with a Masters in Psychology in 1998 from the Spanish University Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. I began my psychodrama studies in 1996 in Madrid and I became a certified psychodramatist in 2000 by the American Board of Examiners after completing my studies and training at St. Elisabeth’s Hospital in Washington DC. I served as a board member with the American Board of Examiners where we review and evaluate exams, and review training processes amongst other administrative responsibilities.

I am the owner of 3Elements Counseling, LLC, where I train other therapists and work as a therapist seing children and adults in individual, family and group psychotherapy. Throughout my professional live as a therapist I have accumulated experiences working with trauma, grief, re-unification, mental illness and stress among others. I consider myself a privilege person, because through my work I have witnessed the strength and the resilience of so many children, women and men.

I also considered myself privilege and blessed because I have found the support of my family, mentors and colleagues all throuhgout my professional journey. I am very grateful to all of those that have guided, supervised and supported me emotionally and professionally.

My goal in therapy is to create a safe environment free of judgement where I can help you see your current mental, emotional and behavioral patterns that are not enabling you to live in the present moment. And I believe that it is living in the moment where one can find joy and spontaneity.